President Dwight D. Eisenhower's The Bay Of Pigs

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President Dwight D. Eisenhower surrounded himself with a very serious international incident. He got himself into trouble with Cuba and wanted to get rid of Fidel Castro and his powers he had over all of the people in dangerous Cuba. This had been a growing problem as Eisenhower’s term was coming to a close, so whatever the president wanted to do, he had to get past his successor, John F. Kennedy. Eisenhower wanted to be prepared for future attacks on Cuba and try to catch them off guard, hoping to overthrow the government and Castro. He created a secret group of anti-revolutionary Cuban exiles through the C.I.A. These men were trained to sneak around and do government spy missions for the United States. In hopes of these trainees, Eisenhower as well as his successor Kennedy, hoped they could get into Cuba and execute the plan, get Castro out. April 17, 1961, the United States sent the 1300 exiles to Cuba and tried to put the plan into action. They were armed with top of the line U.S. weapons. They soon landed on the coast of the south coast of Cuba on the island called the Bahia de Cochinos. This of course got the name of the incident, The Bay of Pigs. In search of Havana, the exiles also searched for extra help from the locals who were against Fidel Castro, if there were any. After this Eisenhower was out of the presidential power and John F. Kennedy stepped into power. He had an option though to help the exiles but chose not to risk more lives than there were already at risk over in dangerous Cuba. The help that was an option to help the 1300 exiles was to use the United States Air Force but the president did not like the idea of the Air Force getting involved. A reason for this was because he did not want to ask the men to risk their young lived. The other reason was because it would take a lot more money than the United States had already used for the Cuban exile program. When people found out more about this plan with the exiles going to Cuba and trying to overthrow the government, they all assumed they would be defeated very quickly because the Cuban’s were very strong and intelligent