President Hoover Dbq

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The presidents of the United States of America during the Great Depression, each person can witness certain events that may change his life or how he views certain events and situations. Although it should never change his outlook on aiding other individuals, presidents should never be biased because of how he grew up.
President Herbert Hoover was the president at the start of the great depression (1929). Hoover grew up as an orphan or never had anything ever handed to him he worked hard and made millions, although with how he grew up greatly impacted what regulations should be set in place. During world war one the veterans who fought were promised money, since fighting in the war did not pay as much as if they worked in the states, when
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That gave jobs to many veterans and other people needing work to pay their bills. It would also believed to help kids of the street. This was a way better point than the one that hoover made instead of sending people away he welcomed them and gave them jobs. It lasted a little over ten years. It work rather well since instead of sending the problem away he found a way to fix it internally
Smoot-Hawley Tariff act was another idea of Hoover the tariff act raised the U.S. tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods to record levels.1930, passed by the U.S. Congress it brought the U.S. tariff to the highest protective level yet in the history of the United States. It taxed imported good higher than they have ever been. It greatly decreased the trading internationally and brought the United States in a higher depression level that was ever seen previously. This ended up making many companies since since now they would have to pay more to get the good they need that are across the
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With this program it made it so that the mexican population that lived on the land that was previously bought by america to have to move to mexico. Although when america bought the several pieces of land from mexico it was promised that the people living in those sections of land would be adopted by america and become american citizens. However what angered most of the mexicans was that there was no due process, that would make the population go back. The idea behind this was to make many of the immigrants move so that their jobs would go to the American population. This did not work the jobs that they did was not wanted by many of the