President Obama Essay

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President Obama To: 1600 Pennsylvania ave. NW Washington , 20500 From: 6573 NW 76th CT , Tamarac Florida , 33321

Dear President Obama,

First off i'd like to let you know what a wonderful job you've done and are doing as our president and it is an honor to send you this letter. I also want to congratulate you on your success in the killing of america's greatest enemy Osama Bin Laden and i will take time to elaborate later in my letter . Also i will elaborate on the last four years in office , give you my opinions , thoughts , and ideas, I will tell you my problems in my community and how i feel they can be changed , and if you could help me with these changes. In this letter im congratgulating you on the killing of the notorious Osama Bin Laden. I thank you from my family , those who died , and myself. He changed me and my city for the rest of my life, he changed generations , in fact everyone that thinks of NewYork will remember that tragic, horrifying day. Me being from new york fell the pain of what he has done. I was about 7 when the World Trade Center fell and even though i understood what happend and who did it but what i still dont understand why, how could any one kill innocent people for any reason, my aunt was there that day, she survived but was trampled by what she said a couple hundred. The dust that covered New york almost killed her. She died 3 years ago due to her heart problems developed from that dust inevitably killed her. I sinlerely thank you and Seal Team Six for killing a person that i beleive killed my Aunt . I've also come to you in this letter to tell you about my community, My community isn't the best but it shouldn't be the worse as i beleive. Things that happen in my community such as drugs, constant fighting, and police