President of the United States and Constitutional Rights Essay

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9/11 is a day this nation will never forget. Although we have recovered the farthest we can, it still holds a place in every Americanve been

repealed after the time expired. President Obama signed it back into law with the idea that we still needed it to hall protect us, mostly because the war on terror was

just as bad if not worse than it was when the act was signed in. The act also had more boundaries before Obama signed it back into law. Many people dont come just far enough for security agencies to , they feel

it has just given the executive branch power and discretion to infringe upon our constitutional rights. The act has been abused many many times by the government

over the years. This includes one recent controversy about how a foreign ally of ours caught us spying on them. Even though everyone agrees with different amounts

of liberties being taken for different amounts of security, we can all agree something needs to be changed. One of our founding fathers has a powerful and famous

quote that says

If we were to change it for the better, I believe we would need to limit how they can listen to our phone calls or read or messages. I think they should make

sure it is actually a matter of national security by only starting their surveillance until a call or email or text is sent somewhere terrorist activity is suspected. On top of

that, they should have to look for red flags that pop up before they actually start reading or listening. The problem is