Presidential Debate 2012 Essay

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Presidential Debate Compare and Contrast
The first presidential debate of the 2012 elections was an interesting event that showcased the type of character each person possesses. Both candidates, Obama and Romney, took a completely opposing approach in their style. One of the candidates was softer spoken, while the other seemed more aggressive. One was bolder, while the other appeared less courageous. However there is much more to this than meets the eye. In the end it was an interesting event viewed by over 66 million people nation wide.
I will begin with the President. Mr. Obama was nowhere near his game throughout the debate. This is completely understandable since his last debate was 4 years ago in his first attempt to win the White House. He was polite and respectable during the course of the show. This did give him some points with his presentation. Nonetheless, he was a bit timid which is not a usual attribute of a President. This was shown by his gestures and lack of eye contact made towards his opponent. Once again this could be because of the lengthy break from his last debate. He did have his good moments in which he pinned Romney on the defensive by questioning him on his tax plans. To conclude, he made a disappointing appearance mainly because he was on the defensive side of things. He tried shifting the deficit record on the previous president, George Bush. This was not the well-spoken Barrack that people are accustomed to seeing.
Moving forward, I will