Presidential Debate Essay

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Presidential Debate Extra Credit

Analyzing the presidential debate, the two candidates continue to attack each other in multiple ways. First, each candidate go over the time limit to speak their mind according to an issue. When the time limit of a certain topic is over, the contending candidate continues to blow out the moderator and speak their mind. Governor Romney provides an excellent example of interrupting the moderator by speaking his opinion regardless of the time frame. Upon analysis, each candidate continues to debate against the topic, ignoring each other’s comment of the topic. Even the moderator is ignored upon his questions and comments, unable to get his point across the two candidates. In a sense, each candidate takes a jab against each other by downgrading each personal opinion to a “dumb it down” version. With each candidate speaking of their own plans as the new president, the counter candidate attacks the topic of debate by surfacing the negativity of each plan. As a moderator, I’d question the final plan of each candidate. Many presidential candidates speak of the plans and restitutions of new plans to better the country. In a final picture, what happens to the country ultimately shapes and draws the way the country runs and reacts against the public eye. Each candidate talks highly of their own personal plan of the way America can be improved on so many different grounds. I want each candidate to explain what exactly each program will do to