Presidential Election Of 2012

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The Presidential Election of 2012 is approaching fast and this is a very important election year. The running candidates for president are Barack Obama who is seeking reelection and Governor Mitt Romney. The United States is currently trying to get out of its worst economic recession since the great depression. The three main political issues that I have used to help me choose who I will vote for are student loans and education, social security, and taxes on the middle class. I have chosen to vote for the reelection of President Barack Obama based on his views and actions he plans to take on the three main political points that will have the greatest impact on my life personally. President Obama is planning on trying to help the education system and on the student loan debt. He plans on adding an extension to the student subsidized federal loans that are in place. This issue here is huge for me, because I am currently in college and have subsidized federal loans that I will need to pay back in four years when I graduate. Tyler Kingkade also explains, "Obama also launched a new website on Tuesday touting his student loan reform measures and comparing them with Romney's positions. Specifically it promotes the "Pay As You Earn" plan, which caps monthly federal student loan repayment at 10 percent of monthly discretionary income." This is a good step towards getting students out of debt now, but also makes it so I will have a better change at paying back my loans. Over the last four years tuition prices to colleges have gone up, but Obama also said that is due to colleges wanting more money for their costs. To help fix this problem Obama wants to help stop tuition increases to pay for costs or they will lose their federal loans. President Obama plans on improving our education system and working to help students like me after college. Governor Mitt Romney has views on student education and trying to help with student loans. He wants to try and make more jobs available to students getting out of school to help them pay back student loans on their own . He doesn't want to have any more government funding available to students. Tyler Kingkade stated, "It wasn't a new statement from Romney on Monday, since he said in March he wouldn't promise more federal money to students and families paying for college and not to expect the government to forgive student loan debt." If it was not for the government aid and federal loans that I got last year I would probably not be in college right now. Mitt Romney also feels that students should borrow more money from their parents for loans. My parents do not make enough to send both my brother and I to school at the same time. So if I did not have the federal loans and money then I would not be able to attend college from just borrowing money from my parents. Mitt Romney's vice president Paul Ryan also proposed that a budget is put into place that would prevent many low income students from being able to receiving the Pell grants. With Mitt Romney's plans to help education and working on student loans I would probably have to find a full time job instead of getting a higher education. President Obama has put together a plan that would help to save Social Security. This issue of social security is important to me, because I am paying into right now through my pay checks and want to be able to use this money down the road. Obama plans on protecting the social security and trying to strengthen it. He wants to improve it now for the future generations like the one I am a part of. He will do this in a way that won't put current retires at risk. This is important because I don't want to see people like my aunts and uncles not have social security benefits now that they are looking to retire in the next few years. Brett LoGiurato explains, "President Obama is committed to protecting and strengthening Social Security for future generations, without putting current retirees at