Presidential Elections Essay

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Throughout the 20 and 21st centuries, television has made a huge impact on society. One of the events that it influenced is presidential elections.By the nation having favorites, this could lead to networks making one of the candidates look bad. These issues often lead to the media getting involved by stating personal information that gets out into the society. We see on our screens well dressed men who look presentable but sometimes, these "looks" may not be concrete and could be deceiving which can be a negative affect of who is elected.
Most people would normally picture reality shows or hit movies when they think of television, but politics don’t normally become part of this image. In source B, Roderick Hart and Mary Triece, state, " Because of television's celebrity system, Presidents are losing their distinctiveness as social actors and hence are often judged by standards formerly used to assess rock singers and movie stars." This statement unravels the argument by interpreting the thoughts that society judges the presidents as if they were a hit artist or a movie star. Yet,rather than judging one by their statements or actions, this should be anticipated in a way that candidates should not be judged by their image but by their ideas to pursue issues. By being acknowledged on live television, an negative effect on the society includes the clothes you wear, or how well make-up is put on. Source C is portraying that in the election against Kennedy and Nixon, these candidates were compared by their posture, suits, and make-up. These types of details lead to John F. Kennedy winning the election just because he had the nicest suit and his makeup was done better. Richard M. Nixon was looked differently for his “light-colored suit, wrong makeup, and bad posture” which illustrated a type of view as “misrepresented”. In spite of this, the people who had heard the candidates through the radio, believe that it was a draw between the two. Which means that the people who viewed on television were the winners of this election. Technology has been one of the tools to help shows or commercials be viewed as realistic or as being perfect. By television networks not being honest and cutting of the real debates, makes it hard for candidates to show