Presidential Morality Essay

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Daniel McCombie
Gov & Cit
May 15, 2013
Presidential Morality As americans, we elect have the privilege to elect a president into office and and that person we elect into office is going to stay there, as long as he isn’t breaking any rules, whether he is moral or not. We see this with two presidents off the top of our head, Bill Clinton, and John F. Kennedy. Both of which did things that opposed of morals of many americans although were considered good if not great presidents of their time. (Although one did get somewhat impeached, but that was only because he lied under office not because he was immoral.) I think if the president is doing a good job with what he has to work with, and is putting the citizens of the country first, that he should remain and should not be criticized for being immoral. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone does things that they aren’t proud of and the president of America isn’t an exception to that rule. As we examine and look over a president of this great country we should only be focus on if they moved this country further in the right direction. Whether we think they made right personal choices is not for us to determine. (I won’t say who to keep church and state separate) If the president is doing a good job keeping our country in a good position and keeping us safe and economically sound then he is doing his job and we should do ours to stay out of others personal affairs. Although if he is making presidential immoral decisions that is dealing with the country then those are to be more careful with. Although sometimes you have to do things which are immoral in many eyes, are sometimes the right thing to do. Take President Fords reaction to the capture of the Mayaguez by the Cambodians. He made a swift action to slap forces down to show that we mean business although some say the Cambodian government was already in the process of getting the ship released Gerald Ford decided to get it back immediately to show the world that we don’t tolerate with individuals or countries that will trifle with us. I think that morality and achievement have a direct correlation and that when there is greatness there is usually some morality to it but it doesn’t have to always be the case as long as the president is doing a good job. On the flip side, how can a president…