Presidents: Acting President of the United States and Langston University Essay

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1. The first president was Dr. Inman E. Page (1898- 1915) - was the son of a former slave who had purchased freedom for himself and his family. During his term, the campus expanded to 160 acres; enrollment increased from 41 to 650 and faculty from 4 to 35; classroom buildings and dormitories were constructed, and the curriculum was strengthened. Langston eventually received 100,000 acres located in western Oklahoma, with some acres in Logan County and a small number in New Mexico. Funds derived from rental and leasing of these lands have benefited the school greatly, as has the one-tenth of the New Morrill Act funds.

2. Isaac Berry McCutcheon (1915) - following President Page’s resignation to become president of Macon College in Missouri. In his term electricity replaced kerosene lighting; the Music Department was able to get music books, and enough dishes and silver were bought to set the tables in the dining hall. At the same time, much debate was taking place as to whether the main purpose of Langston University should be to develop the skills of students in the domestic, manual, and agricultural areas as advocated by Booker T. Washington or to follow the teachings of W. E. B. DuBois, who sought political and social equality for African Americans. McCutcheon resigned following controversy surrounding his firing of a history professor. R. E. Bullitt served as Interim President for five months during the early part of 1916.

3. John Miller Marquess (1916 – 1923) - He was a good businessman who made the boarding system a source of revenue, building a gymnasium from these funds. He favored industrial education, and by the time he left most of the four-year college courses had been dropped

4. Isaac William Young served as both the fourth president (1923 - 1927) and the sixth president (1931-1935) – he was a physician involved in politics, he was first appointed through his friendship with Governor-elect Jack Walton, and was again appointed by Governor William H. Murray. He spent $1,000 on library improvements, renovated the Science Department, and spent $40,000 on campus repairs, obtaining from the legislature the first significant building appropriations. At this time, the school owned 320 acres and had nine principal buildings. Also, the curriculum shifted from manual and technical training to arts and sciences.

5. Zachary T. Hubert was appointed fifth president in (1927-1931) - During his administration two dormitories and six teachers’ cottages were built as well as a new stone home management house. Described as a person with little interest in political matters, he was replaced by an incoming governor with sixth president I. W. Young

6. Isaac William Young(1931-1935) – same as number 4

7. J. W. Sanford was appointed (1935-1939) - Several buildings were completed during his term including the administration building, Sanford Hall, and an annex to the men’s dorm. He was considered a popular president. When President Sanford resigned, Benjamin Franklin Lee was appointed as the second interim president in 1939.

8. Albert Louis Turner (1940) - Turner found himself in a hotbed of politics, wrote his resignation after about four days, and was nicknamed “President for a Day” as a result.

9. G. Lamar Harrison (1940-1960) - His philosophy was to “serve the people of the state at the point of their greatest need.” During his term, the school improved its library and physical plant, and in his first year he brought in four faculty with doctorates. The school participated in the national defense program; the high school became part of the teacher training unit, and the name of the school was officially changed to Langston University in 1941. Both the town and university were named for John Mercer Langston, a black Virginia educator prominent in public affairs who organized the first Department of Law at Howard University, later serving as vice president and acting president of the university. He was also