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Pulsa Numero Dos Por Español America has become the melting pot of all countries. We are a diverse country, and we are becoming more diverse each and every year. With becoming interracial, comes the language barrier. Jason Schott, author of “Press One for English”, states that, “The social implications are a massive hit on the United States.”, if this is true then why are we, as a whole, not trying to solve that by encouraging that children learn another language. That way once they become adults they’ll know more than just English, and can communicate better with others. Schott also exclaims, “For a social worker the use of a translator is time consuming.” It is “time consuming”, but that means that social workers should be required to know at least one other language besides English. We need to be more diverse; we should become more open to other languages and make it a priority to know more than one language.
Approximately 52.0 million Hispanics live in the U.S. currently (1). “About one in five Americans reported regularly speaking a foreign language at home” (2). If this is true, then why do the others not try to learn another language to better communicate with those who speak a foreign language? It might be hard, but if we start at a young age then it will become less difficult. Many other countries adapt for the United States, countries speak English and their native language. Why are we not trying to accommodate, as they have and learn one of their many languages? It should be strongly encouraged to learn another language as a youth; so that we excel in our education and so that we can prepare our younger generations for when they become the leaders.
Social workers cannot always talk with their clients because of the difference in languages, so it should become mandatory to know another language. “My mom is a nurse and it takes her nearly 3 times long if she needs a translator” proclaims Schott. If she needs to wait for a translator to arrive then she is not fully equipped to accomplish her job. An applicant should be