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Kayla Garcia November 8, 2012
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The Halo and Devil effect Beauty is “the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind”. (SOURCE) Today, beauty or physical attractiveness is important because people judge us on the way we look. In today’s modern world unattractive people are portrayed more unfavorably than attractive people. Attractiveness can influence a decision of being hired for a job even if the person is not highly qualified for the position. The Halo and Devil effect is when individuals identify one positive trait they will generalize it to a range of other unrelated positive traits, the same thing for a negative trait it will also be identified and generalized to a range of unrelated negative traits. In the article “Creating the brand halo effect” by: Daye, Derrick, and Brad VanAuken it explains how the halo effect can have a big impact on marketing. One company that is impacted by the halo effect is Apple. Apple sells electronics that people use for everyday life. One electronic that started Apples halo effect was the iPod. It states in the article “The good news from Apple Computer wasn’t just the success of the iPod. As a matter of fact in 2005, the iPod and iTunes together accounted for only 39 percent of Apple’s sales. The other 61 percent of Apple (computers, software and services) also did well”. When the iPod came out it brought a lot of success to the company and positive attention for the company which brought up there marketing not only for iPods but also for computers and other apple products. The company produces the halo effect from one great product that they produce, so customers now feel all their products are great and continue to buy and invest in apple. Another article that explains the Halo Effect is the “Mental Model: Horns Effect and Halo Effect” by: Joshua Kennon it explains how the halo effect can cloud your judgment. It states in the article “Why would otherwise good people jump to Paterno’s defense when his inactions appear completely devoid of morality to the point of unquestionable moral bankruptcy? The halo effect. For more than half a century, Joe Paterno devoted his life to building a program that churned out countless athlete leaders, changed the world of sports, left an enduring legacy, and stood for excellence. He has come to be a shining beacon of good for both the institution of Penn State and the game of college football”. “They are blinded by the penumbra of light that is visible from behind the looming scandal and cannot believe that a man they respect and admire so deeply could possibly have stood by as his former defensive coordinator allegedly brought young boys, who many people had reason to believe were being molested and raped, to athletic games and other events”. This man did great things for Penn state and he did one horrific thing and they don’t care cause all they see is how great and how accomplished of a man he was, they don’t see him as wrong, when all actually he was wrong. Their judgments are clouded because of all the positive things he did for the state and college. In the movie legally blonde by: Robert Luketic it shows the Devil effect and a lot of stereotypes. In the movie they were many scenes where they showed the devil effect. The main character Elle is a blonde rich sorority girl that is portrayed in the movie as a dumb blonde and gets dumped by her boyfriend. People feel she isn’t smart and is just a pretty face until she gets accepted into Harvard. When she gets to Harvard Elle has to prove to the men and woman in the movie that she is smart and not all sorority blonde girls are dumb. In the movie Elle ex- boyfriend did not