Pressure: Adolescence and Couple Tv Stations Essay

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At many family gatherings, my favorite part is listening to my grandparents and other family members tell stories of their life as teenagers. Through out the years I have heard numerous stories and realized how much the American society has changed. Years ago teenagers lived the simple life, no computers, no cell phones, and just a couple TV stations to watch if you were lucky. Now a days many kids only care about their computer and the latest video games that come out. Many people often say that the life of was better in the past than it is today, and I agree with them for many reasons.
First, teens today are exposed to way more violence then in the past. Children see violence in their schools, their neighborhoods, and their homes. The innocence of childhood has been replaced by the threat of violence everywhere they turn. Kids in school try to avoid fights in the hall and sometimes walk home in fear. The estimated number of child abuse victims increased 40 percent between 1985 and 2000 and violent crime between teens has increased by 67 percent in the last 2 decades. Even families living "safe" neighborhoods are concerned. They may feel safe at one moment, however that can change in a blink of an eye. It's a scary world, and teens are exposed to more violence than ever before.
Second of all, in this generation it has become easier for teens to get a hand on drugs. Teens today are able to get access to drugs in schools, amongst their friends, parties and teen dealers. Peer pressure has become a significant impact in one’s life during this generation. Most try to fit in, while others just try it to stop being made up of. According to recent national surveys there are more teens getting hocked on drugs than every before in America. Studies predict at this rate 2 out of 5 students will be addicted to some type of drug by the year 2012. In the past decades this problem have never came up before, making it harder for teens to live a normal healthy life.
Lastly, today teens have never had to deal with this much pressure this young. The pressure for teens