Pressure Ulcer In Nursing Practice

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Pressure ulcers are currently a major health issue in the United States. A pressure ulcer, also known as a decubitus ulcer, is a localized injury to the skin and other underlying tissue as a result of pressure, shear, or friction, usually over a bony prominence (Potter & Perry, 2013, p. 1184). Pressure ulcers result in a significant increase in the medical cost for patients, hospitals and insurance companies. The length of hospital stay can be dramatically increased and the effects of these ulcers can have negative effects to the patients’ health status by increasing mortality rates. It is estimated that about 1.6 million patients develop pressure ulcers each year resulting in a cost of $11 to $17.2 billion to the United States. (Potter & Perry, 2013, p. 1184). …show more content…
Pressure ulcers are so important to nursing practice because almost everyone in a hospital setting or long term facility is at risk for developing them, some more than others. It is the nurse’s job to prevent these pressure sores from happening to the best of their ability for the patient’s sake. A nurse’s responsibility also entitles them to promote health, and we must do this by assessing which patients are at a higher risk for bedsores and why. Not only do these sores hurt the patient, but they are so hard to get rid of and they can be a gateway to infection and complication later on. Nursing is such a selfless act, and taking care of pressure ulcers is a very demanding aspect of the job. Nurses should also address a patient’s pain level, and do their best to control and manage the pain regarding the sores. The health care team should also take into consideration a patient’s culture, race, immobility, and religion, because those are all factors that influence the treatment plan for that patient (Lyder & Ayello,