Pressure Ulcers Essay

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Pressure Ulcers
Donna Long
Grand Canyon University
NRS 433V
Introduction to Nursing Research
February 11, 2012

Shahin E. S. M., Dassen T., & Halfens R. J. G. (2009). Incidence, prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in intensive care patients: A longitudinal study. International Journal of Nursing Studies 46: 413–421 Introduction Pressure ulcers refer to damage that occurs to the skin of a patient. Pressure, shear and friction are among the known causes (Shahin, Dassen & Halfens, 2009). Pressure ulcers mostly affect the lower part of the body, the elderly and patients with spinal injuries (Shahin et al, 2009). They are expensive to treat, require long periods of time and numerous treatments to heal. As a
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It also reveals that using preventive measures such as foam, air and alternating pressure mattresses reduced the rate of developing pressure sores. (Shahin et al, 2009). Therefore, if carefully used, foam and alternating pressure mattresses can prevent or contribute to the healing of pressure ulcers. The cost of prevention devices should however be considered while choosing this method (Thomas, 2001). Nurses can learn from this study. They should assess the patients who may develop pressure ulcers immediately on admission (Russell & Reynolds, 2001). Those at risk should be cared for and those not at risk still need to be reassessed daily. This is why the study involves two tests done on each patient. Proper documentation of the patients should be made available to all other nurses (Russell & Reynolds, 2001). The ability to move about, age, pressure history and nutrition are among the factors to consider in determining the level of risk for any individual (Russell & Reynolds, 2001). The first step in preventing pressure ulcers is early recognition. Attention should be given to the critically ill and elderly patients as they are at high risk for pressure ulcers. The factors that put one at risk should be carefully looked into and documented. Inspection of the skin is critical. Those likely to suffer from pressure ulcers should be placed on an alternating pressure, air or foam mattress (Russell & Reynolds, 2001). Ethical