Preterm Birth Essay

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Low birth weight or preterm birth are infants delivered before 37 weeks of gestation. Infants born preterm are predisposed to health problems which may be lifelong and be a burden to parents. For example cerebral palsy, chronic lung diseases, hyperactive disorders or permanent disability.
The percentage of preterm births varies among different ethnicities and racial groups. This often relates to the socioeconomic status and behavior during pregnancy. African- American women are likely to experience infection such as sexually transmitted diseases, also behaviors/attitudes such as drug usage during pregnancy and low socioeconomics among blacks plus teen pregnancy can have an impact in the birth of an infant. Rates of low birth weight is also many among different ancestral groups, for example US citizens have access to Medicaid during pregnancy whereas undocumented immigrant will have less use of prenatal care. Improvements in technology which generates multiple pregnancy [in vitro fertilization] ,health behavior/belief and lack of preterm care are other contributory factors for preterm birth.
Babies who are born preterm are at increased risk of death in the first year of life and they are vulnerable to permanent cognitive problem and this can be devastating for both the family and economy. The long stay in a hospital has a negative impact on the economy, for most of the bills incurred are paid by the government and in most cases the children that have a cognitive delay will have low academic achievement and will be taking care by the government.
The support system that exists for low birth