Pretties: Scott Westerfeld and Book Essay

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The book that I chose to read was Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. The things that I liked most about the book were that it was very detailed, something was always happening, and every character had its own personality. What I didn’t like about the book was that the book was stretched out too much, I didn’t understand a lot of things, and it used repeated slang words. As stated in article one, “this book uses a lot of slang…” The most used slang word is “bubbly”. “Bubbly” means to act cheerful and to become you. I agree with the review because throughout the whole book many words are repeated. Article one also says “I don’t like what happens when Tally reunites with David finally and the choices she makes.” I agree with this statement because I didn’t understand it either. It didn’t make sense that she had chose Zane over David when David was her love. Also in article one, she says “I wasn’t impressed with the book but it was still very creative.” I agree and disagree with this. I wasn’t very impressed with this book with. I also don’t think it was creative because a lot of the same things happened as they did in previous. She also says “I think the conflicts and choices in this book left a bad taste in my mouth more than anything else…” I agree with this because the choices in this book seem to be made in an easy and quick manner and are not really explained. Article one says “this book was interested and I didn’t like it but for people who hadn’t read the first book, would have a hard time understanding things are it will be hard to follow. This is true because I hadn’t read the first book so I did not understand many things that Westerfeld had explained in the book. Such as Tally turning into a Pretty and how she turned into a Pretty and why she turned into one. I also don’t agree with her saying “it had its good points…” the book did have some good points but most of the points were either not explained well or I didn’t understand them. In article two, it says “This isn’t paced as well as the previous entry, and the slow tempo undercuts the impact of the plot…” I agree with this because the book didn’t show things as having a huge impact or having any at all. One thing kind of just happened right after another without being explained even a little. In article three, it says “Westerfeld creates a fascinating world, one in which the concerns of today’s teenagers about appearance have become legitimized and extrapolated…” I think that this is very true and hits home. This book shows the many difficulties and changes a young adult goes through as they get older and have different adventures and to make choices. However to figure out these choices and see the different difficulties, one would have to read between the lines to understand the deeper thoughts. After reading this book, I realized that I needed the read between the lines and actually think what it would be like if I was Tally. It also says “It all seems a perfect parallel to the social interaction in present-day society…” I agree with this because I think this book shows the different things that could happen to a teenager when they are in high school. Many teens just want to be that person that has everything. They wants to have all the friends, they want to be known by the whole school. They want to stand out from everyone else. They want to be that it factor. Most teens don’t have that factor. It also says “how much teens tend to overvalue looks.” This is true and false. This is true in the sense that there are some young adults that think they look tons of make-up caked on their face and have to have the most expensive clothes to be…