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The Crucible- Group Project
The Task
In the context of the historic Salem Witch Trials, Arthur Miller's The Crucible shows many innocent people being accused of crimes/sins they did not commit. Throughout history, society has been blinded to similar occurrences, or "witch hunts." Indeed, Miller wrote The Crucible in response to one of those "witch hunts" that took place in his time period--McCarthyism. In order to enrich our study of The Crucible, our class, in groups, will research the following topics. Your group will make a 15-20 minute presentation on the following:
Group 2 – Psychology of mass hysteria: New England in the 1690's
What type of people settled in Massachusetts?
How did they survive?
What were their main fears and anxieties?
How could someone be accused of witchcraft?
What methods were used to determine if someone were practicing to witchcraft?
What can you find out about their social structures/hierarchies?

McCarthyism Background PowerPoint
Witch Hunts in the Living room
The Psychology of a Witch Hunt
Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
The Real World Behind the Hysteria
Deeper Understanding of The Crucible

Your presentation should include the following:
1. Oral presentation from each group member (review your speaking skills)
2. Handouts and information provided for the class summarizing and/or highlighting the main features of your research
3. Works Cited
4. Use of visual aids (pictures, slides, overhead, objects, models, etc.)
5. Creativity and overall effect of the total presentation
6. Clear and thorough research, based on