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Pretty little liars: Flawless Sara Shepard 330 pages
Flawless is the second book from the serious Pretty little liars serious, 4 girls have their own little secrets but one big secret ties them all together until death do them part. "A" knows the secret and isn't afraid to let them know. "A" sends messages to each of the girls through sms, email, and letters. These messages describe their haunting past, from 7th grade when they were all friends with Allison, who was one of their best friends and has mysteriously disappeared one night when they all had a sleepover. All the other misfortunate events occurred afterwards. In order to insure that these secrets don't get out to the public, the girls are forced to do whatever they are told by this anonymous person. But how far are the girls willing to go to find out who "A" is.


“Em! Still enjoying the same kind of activities with your best friends, I see. Even though most of us have totally changed, its nice to know you’re still the same! Gonna tell everyone about your new love? Or shall I? –A” p (39)
-“A” said this quote” and she or he said it to Emily because she knew a secret that no one else did except Emily. “She knew their relationship was wrong, but she still had feelings for Ezra” p (121).
- Arias inter thoughts and she was thinking about the relationship she had with her teacher. Their relation ship allows “A” to keep on black mailing her.

“ Remember that game you used to play? You put the pillows on the floor and jumped from one to another, because the floor was hot lava?” p (160) – Hannah’s dad he was saying that to Hannah when they met now her parents were divorced and Hannah had a lot of problems with money and shoplifting while living without her dad.

“Hi again, Hannah! I want you to read Naomi and Riley the sentences below just as they’re written. No cheating! And if you don’t,