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Title: Pretty Woman

Writer: J.F. Lawton

Director: Garry Marshall

Year Released: 1990

Actors: Richard Gere, Ralph Bellamy, Jason Alexander, Hector Elizondo, Julia Roberts, Laura San Giacomo, Amy Yasbeck

Story: Pretty Woman is a film about a businessman, Edward Lewis, who is in need of an escort to accompany him to several social events after he is dumped by his girlfriend. Edward meets and hires a prostitute, Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, to accompany him to the events. During the course of their interactions, Edward falls in love with Vivian.

Plot: The film starts by showing Edward at a business party. During the course of the party his girlfriend dumps him and he leaves in his boss's Lotus, which is a manual shift sports car. Edward and Vivian cross paths on Hollywood Blvd as Edward struggles to drive the car. Vivian offers to drive him to his hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, and Edward discovering that Vivian is a prostitute, Vivian and Edward reach an agreement for Vivian to stay the night. The next morning, Edward propositions Vivian and requests that she spend the week with him attending the social events. Edward presents Vivian with his credit card and sends her shopping for more appropriate clothing. They attend the social events where Vivian is mistreated once people find out that she is a prostitute. Over the course of the week, Edward starts to realize that he is becoming a better person due to his involvement with Vivian. Vivian begins to realize that Edward is her Prince Charming. The film continues, showing the internal and external conflicts that face the pair. After Vivian and Edward part ways and return to their separate lives, each realizes that they want to be together. Edward