Essay about Prevent Global Warming

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Zhen f Huang
Professor: Alysa Machado
English 101B
2 February 2015 Prevent global warming A lot of people believe that human activity is causing the global temperature to rise. They say that this global warming will have dreadful consequences for our environment. The earth's temperature is rapidly changing. As a result there has been a lot of climate change such as heat waves,raising sea level, droughts and floods. scientists believe that this is the result of human activity, which is polluting the earth's atmosphere. this could become a disaster if governments and individuals do not act to help prevent global warming. What caused global warming? First is cutting down trees, each year, people burn or cut down 55000 square miles of the forest. many of us fail to realize that forest are the lungs of the earth, because the forest absorb the carbon dioxide and other gas that cause global warming, and then give off the oxygen that good for the human beings and other living creatures. “According to the U.S.National Oceanic and Atmospheric(NOAA) team of scientists monitoring the carbon dioxide levels at the mauna loa, Hawaii, the region recorded CO2 levels of 400.03 ppm on may 9,2013. though there has been a decrease in the atmospheric concentration of this gas in this region since then, it is expected that the whole of the planet's atmosphere will average 400 ppm by 2015 or 2016”. Every year billion tons of carbon dioxide is added into the air, which in part results in global warming and climate change, in my opinion, we should reduce CO2. First, we can going to work by bus, there is no doubt that it can cut down the pollution and improve our atmosphere. What's more, it is cheaper, comparing with other ways. Second, there are many kinds of trees which can absorb CO2, so we also need plant more trees around us. Another consequence of the global warming is rise sea level. “According to the united stated environmental protection agency, the global sea level has been a rise of around 8 inches since 1870. furthermore, if people keep adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, the average sea level around the world by the end of this century could be…