Preventing Workplace Discrimination Essay

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Preventing Workplace Discrimination Angel Holzapfel MGT 434 December 17, 2012 Robert G. Lewandowski

Preventing Workplace Discrimination Organizations are all responsible for having a zero-tolerance with discrimination in their

atmosphere. Title VII and other employment laws are enforced in the responsibilities of the

organizations and also to help make the organization a equal opportunity free from any hostility

and/or discrimination. An environment such as this will help any organization thrive and be more

productive with happy and healthier employees.

What are some measures a company may take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem, and how does the simulation demonstrate these?

When an employee or pre-employee has a disability the organization needs to have a

written policy concerning the applicants who are disabled and the employees who have

disabilities. Set up a system for employees who have disabilities to help in reporting on how

certain accommodations should be provided, and make sure all the contractors who have any

contacts with the organization’s employees are ADA compliant. Organizations need to review all

job descriptions and keep them updated at all times. Make sure all department managers and

supervisors or any employee that may have the power to make employment decisions understand

all the rules that pertain to disability employees. The organization needs to make sure that all

benefit coverage’s are the same for disabled and nondisabled employees.

For the drug abuse problems, organizations need to have a drug policy that states drug and

alcohol testing is required after any applicant is accepted for the employment position. Private

organizations need to have a drug free workplace policy as the government, state organizations

do. This would make more since and also help with any confusion on the drug and alcohol

policies that are in place in other organizations. An employee with a drug abuse problem is not

covered under Title VII and/or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In most

organizations that I know the use of drugs and/or alcohol during working hours is noted as a

policy violations. A certain type of violation as this can lead to the employee being terminated

immediately or the organization may have the need to input the employee into a rehab and get

the individual help and also hold his job until he/she is released.

The simulation showed qualifications for the positions should be first and foremost before

the applicant’s disabilities are shown or spoken about. Accommodations for the position is to be

arranged for the individual to be able to perform their duties when they are offered and/or hired

the position.

Should factors like personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility be considered when hiring? Explain why or why not. How does the simulation demonstrate these?

As employers look to hire employees their attitude towards working, personality and future

upward mobility should be considered when in an interview. The reasoning for this, is if an

employer were to hire an employee whose attitude towards work showed in an interview to be

disapproved of and then wonder why the other employees are coming to the employer

complaining about the newbie, it would be the employers fault for hiring the individual after

knowing the way the individual was. For another example, say an individual went in for an

interview with the employer and the individual’s attitude