Examples Of Prevention Of Divorce

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Phuong Ho
Prof. Janice Falbert
CDFS 321 Section 9
Personal Relationships Wellness Philosophy Paper (PRW)
Fall 2012
Marriage is one of the most essential factors of human life. It creates the basis for everyone to pursue a better, healthier, and happier life. However, it is the fact that there are more and more couples marrying and then ending up with divorce, and this rate is increasing faster year by year. Actually, all the divorce cases are originated from some of the forms of emotional illness that gradually appear in each partner during the time of their relationship. It is good to cure these forms of emotional illness to solve the martial problems of the specific patients. However; it is absolutely the best when the original
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Therefore, because those problems are not genetic and instinctive, it is easy to result that they can be controlled, prevented, and eliminated. [4] So, how does Prevention do its jobs as a helpful treatment of promoting mental health and avoiding illness? The answer is in its technology given by four specific tools as Education, Community Organization, Competency Promotion, and Natural Caregiving. Each of them has different perspective, way of approaching, and practical application but they all have the same purpose of preventing mentally illness and promoting health. [3] My Plan of prevention of Divorce is a combination of martial and relationship tips, academic and proved material, and practically social information. The points are simple rules and tips to some people in their lives, but these people are failed to recognize or even ignore and underestimate them. This leads to number of serious consequences to their marriage lives, even divorces. As I mentioned, all my attention will be the Prevention applied to the time period before couples married.
Firstly, the optimal step for the all couples before they commit to each other in order to have a good and stable marriage is to question themselves and each other “Am I sure? Are you sure?” [6] That means a premarital couple have to make sure the other is the only one and their ultimate finish of love. Both of them