Prewriting: Apartment and House Essay examples

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Activity 3.2 Prewriting
Topic: Two Homes-Rent or own
Topic sentence: I prefer the freedom of owning my home over renting a house from someone.
Fix things right away Wait for someone to fix something for you
Renovate the house Can’t do any renovations
Improve the landscaping Yard is as is
Paint the interior of the house If you paint, have to have it back to the original color
I prefer the freedom of owning my home over renting a house from someone. One of the main reasons I like owning my own house is because if something breaks I get to fix it right away. When I rent a house I have to call it in then they have to see when someone will be out to fix it. Sometimes it could take a few days (depending on whats broke). Another reason I like owning is just the freedom to paint different rooms whatever color I like to. Rent houses from the military, you are allowed to paint the rooms any color you would like, but before you move you have to paint the rooms back to the off white they prefer. I like to have my house look good inside and out so the yard is a very important part of that. Military housing will let you do some landscaping but it’s limited and you can’t take any of it with you when you leave. If I was going to spend my own money on landscaping I would do it at a place that I know I will be there for a long time, like a house I own. Another way to make your house look good is to make renovations. Most