Essay about Prewriting: Library Catalog and Engl 1113 -freshman Composition

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Instructor: Donna Glass
Student Name: Meet ModyDue Date: October 20, 2014Prewriting Assignment – A Library
The only place with people gathering and not making noise is a library. Libraries are the best resource for obtaining every kind of information through medium likes books, magazines, internet and even audio narration disc. It was the first time I visited the library of OSUIT which was such a beautiful and well decorated place with all kind of educational resource. As soon as I entered I found the front desk just to the left of the entrance where the Director was sitting who assisted me with some help. The people around were so busy and co-operative that there was no sign of disturbance. I observed that the books related to particular topics were arranged separately in different sections. There was also a common printer at the center of the library which was connected to all the available PC’s in the library and even the printer could be used to xerox important materials required by the students. Also there were two PC’s which were attached to the scanner. The library even had some writing desks placed with bunch of paper on it so that students or staff can use them to write something creative. Also the sitting arrangement was beautiful so that student never feel lazy in doing their work. The OSUIT has also provided students the online catalog so that all the users can easily browse collection of journals,