Prewriting Prejudice And Acceptance Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Final Paper: Pre­writing activities

Prejudice and Acceptance


Members of the Maycomb community tend to classify each other according to rigid categories.
What general categories or stereotypes have you observed as a part of Maycomb?

● They hold stereotypes about how individuals will behave as a result of their
age, gender, race, social status, and other fixed categories. Like for
example; one common criticism in the novel is that the black characters are
idealized. And also the stereotype of aristocratic white women is held up to
ridicule - their virtue is seen as excessive thoughtfulness, and they appear
as selfish and hypocritical.

List below the characters that are the victims of stereotyping. How are these characters treated
unfairly because of the prejudice of others? How do you know they have been treated this way
because of a stereotype? Can you find any evidence of these instances in the novel/quotes?­Mockingbird­Racism­And­Prejudice­65011114.html

● Scout, Atticus Finch, Dolphus Raymond, Dill, Tom Robinson and Lula.
● Scout:

Are there characters in the novel who challenge how we judge others because they are not what
they seem to be? List the characters below with an explanation of how they proved to be
surprisingly different than the stereotype.

What characters in the novel…