Prg 211 Week One Paper

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Reusability Code PRG/211 March 5, 2013 Phoenix Outline * Introduction • Reusability • Security in terms of hiding code • Passing of data versus data encapsulation • How object-oriented methods are similar to procedural modules * Code reuse in more than one program * Closing * References

Introduction This paper will discuss the difference between procedural modules and object-oriented methods. How both methods work and some of the pro
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Procedural programming is nothing more than a set of instructions which, tells someone how exactly something needs to be done. For example in a series circuit the sequential path must be met in order to get the expected output or voltage. Whereas the Object-oriented programing focused a lot more on the overall task by breaking down all the objects, and combining different methods and data to get the results. In other words sometimes both methods could be used in conjunction with each other to solve the problem or the task at end. Code reuse in more than one program Codes that are used in one or programs are sometimes the basic question and question to start a program. So, when starting up Windows operating system the basic question are asked. Name, company, user that will be operating the system. Other basic question will be to put in a key code to activate the operating system to give the one full access to all the data. Codes that are reuse cut down on times as far as writing out a program. Closing In this paper I have discuss about how reusable code is basically the skill to use code that was previously used without any adjustment or modification, and still be able to perform a particular request no matter what code the application is using. Why it is