Pride and Listening Takes You Far. Essay

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“No digas que puedes, demuenstrales que puedes”, (don’t say that you can, show them that you can) these are wise words of a hardworking, independent, strong woman I am proud to call mom. Being a Mexican family living in an unpredictable society, I have learned that many injustices are often left unacknowledged. As I began my high school life I realized that my experience wasn’t going to be like a movie experience. Throughout my freshman year I was bullied because of my physical appearance and my race. Unfortunately, I allowed that to get the best of me for a while. From hiding from my bullies to missing school I learned that that was not the solution. The real solution was to speak up. My mother has always taught me to respect others, to work hard, and to never forget where I come from. This is why I enjoy helping others. Volunteering in park districts has been one of my favorite hobbies. Helping children and young adults with special needs has been a truly amazing experience. Through that opportunity I learned that humanity still has hope. Although there are many individuals out there that make others feel inferior by their cruel judgements, there are also these sweet, non-judgemental, supportive souls that without knowing brighten up your day. My mother has always tried to give us the best she can. However, it has not been an easy task. I remember living in a small “traila” or motor home. It wasn’t the best but it was the most my mother could give me and my siblings. I am