pride and pejudice Essay

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Pride and Prejudice
Summer reading

Elizabeth the main character enters the story with biased judgments and prejudice about the richer classes. As the story continues she learns that the upper class of people, deal with the same challenges and can be compassionate people. When Elizabeth first meets Mr. Darcy she automatically judges his as a stuck up rich man who has no kind or generous part of him. As time goes on Mr. Darcy becomes infatuated with Elizabeth, but she had very little interest in him at the time. Much later Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him but Elizabeth rejects him.
Elizabeth then recognizes Mr. Darcy is actually a very nice man and that she herself loves him too so she goes to him and they get married. Elizabeth changes by getting to know someone different, then her ending up in love with someone she thought was snobby and rude but by doing this she changed her perspective of people like Mr. Darcy.
In conclusion Elizabeth has changed from the beginning of the book to the end by developing a new view of the previous judgments of people she had no real understanding of most of them. is an online service that offers members access to its research database and content, and gives members the opportunity to share their own content and research. We will provide one login to access the site and its contents for which you are purchasing a membership. We offer the Sites for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. You may use only for lawful purposes and you are strictly