Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Nino Flores
Mr. Jurvelin
English 12
Frankenstein Frankenstein was not just a hit back in the day, but also ranked 87th on the 100 best movies ever made. Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein has been adapted for other mediums almost constatly ever since. People have been mistakenly calling the unnamed monster "Frankenstein" almost since the beginning. It is strange to note how well-nigh universally the tern Frankenstein is misused, by even intelligent persons, as describing some hideous monster; whereas Frankenstein is the name of the her and supposed narrator of the story, and not of his terrible creation. The face that this novel is based on stage adaptations rather than on the original novels is significant because the playwrights made huge changes to the stories that were perpetuated int he movies. Read Mary Shelley's novel and you'll be astonished at how little resemblance it bears to Frankenstein we are familiar with. There are censor boards in individual states. It had several objections. Formost was the scene that ends with monster throwing a little girl into a lake. It isn't done maliciously, but yeah, you kill a child in a movie, you're going to get people's attention, even today. Some states took that part out along with Dr. Frakenstein's profane line, "Now I know what it feels like to be God!" The characterization throughout the first half of the novel is direct characterization. The narrator provides insight on the different characters directly. Characters are described by their own words, actions, and beliefs. Victor Frankenstein was originally portrated as a man of intelligence, Frankenstein, the protagonist of the novel, shows his true colors as the novle progresses with the creation of his "monster". He then spirals to what is seen as unstable, or insane scientist. The young scientist had rather a thirst for knowledge, creating his monster at the young age of 19. Irresponsible and apathetic, Victor disregards care for his creation. even as it begins to terrorize not just him. The creature plas one of the biggest roles in the novel. Mary Shelly metaphorically compares the creature to a baby, When a baby is borin, it must be nurtured and cared for to become a good and noble being. If not cared for, then the baby will become a victim of hatred and turn into an outlaw. The creature is abandoned by his master, Victor Frankenstein, during the sensitive period of its life, and therefore became the outcase if ultimately was. He was rejected from society because of his deformed features. He gets beat, scolded, and driven out of hospitality, and because of this, he blame Victor for creating him. There are more differences between this movie and the book than there are similarities. A first difference is the monster's lack of speech in the movie. In the novel, the monster