Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Pride and Prejudice
In Jane Austen’s, Pride and Prejudice, the main reasoning of the title is about Pride and Prejudice. Both Darcy and Elizabeth meet each other and at first impression form a false (prejudice) view of the other from quick judgment and both are too prideful to revise their view of the other. The setting of this book in England in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. The Bennet girls are from Longbourn and the men (Darcy and Bingley) are residing in Netherfield, although Darcy is originally from Pemberley. Elizabeth Bennet, the second oldest daughter of the Bennet family is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice. She is a very quick-witted, lovely, kind, intelligent lady. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a man who was raised up in a wealthy family and therefore has this pride of assuming that he is better than others. He is an intelligent and very attractive man, but his personality tends to make him less attractive because he has so much pride and is only focused on money and social status. Jane Bennet, Elizabeth’s elder sister, and Charles Bingley play a good role of this book as well, being the first love interests in the book. They are both friendly and nice to others. They have very similar personalities and click instantly when they meet. Ultimately, the main characters are looking for true love. The protagonists are Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Miss Bingley and the social class barrier. At the end of the book they do get what they want, Darcy proves his love for Elizabeth and they end up getting married (after his proposal the second time). I personally like the Bennet sisters. Elizabeth is so quick-witted and sarcastic in a way that makes me love her. I like how Jane is so open and friendly and how she falls so quickly without judgment on the other person. I think that Mr. Bingley sounds like a perfect charming man than any girl would be lucky to have. He isn’t the best looking which makes his personality and they way he stands out so much more attractive. Whereas Darcy is too prideful and arrogant, this to me makes him unattractive. The minor character that most captured my attention was Miss Bingley. She captured my attention because she seems so bipolar with the Bennet girls. You can tell that she doesn’t like them because of the difference in class, but she is also polite to them at most times. She’s very two-faced but then again, I feel like she has enough class and respect to not be rude to the face. In the beginning of Pride and Prejudice, you meet the Bennet’s and can assume that they all want to be married. When Mrs. Bennet tells them about Bingley coming to town they all get really excited. Off the bat, you learn that Jane falls easily for boys and then Elizabeth is one who really wants to think things through and who wants to make sure they really know the person for who they truly are. “But these are not Jane’s feelings; she is not acting by design. As yet, she cannot even be certain of the degree of her own regard nor of its reasonableness. She has known him only a fortnight […] This is not quite enough to make her understand his character” (Austen 25). Jane might not fall as easily for all guys, but she doesn’t think things quite through as much as Elizabeth does. The external conflict in the book is the social ranking of Elizabeth. Her inferiority to Darcy would make it a disgrace for him to like her and for him to even think about marrying her would bring him down in the class. The internal conflict is the pride and prejudice of Darcy and Elizabeth. Darcy is way too prideful in his high ranking position in society and Elizabeth has already set her mind to thinking poorly of him. She rebukes him and tries to show him his faults and in which he is too stubborn to see or admit to them. The climax of the novel is when Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for the first time. This is when all of Elizabeth’s anger is at its highest point. The book ends with Elizabeth realizing how much Darcy has changed and that