Essay Pride And Prejudice Lizzy And Lydia

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Eliana Talavera
English 10-1
Ms. Hadley
The Importance of Change Through a greater self knowledge, which comes through reflection and learning from her own and others experiences, Elizabeth grows in her character; meanwhile Lydia, through lack of reflection and proper formation, remains an immature, self absorbed flirt. Pride and Prejudice emphasizes the need for change in order to mature and grow in character, which can only come through experience and reflection. Through the characters in the book the reader is shown examples of those who grow and change for the better as well as those who, through their own fault do not change. One learns in reading Pride and Prejudice, the importance of change in order to live happy lives. Elizabeth, lively and intelligent, is thoughtful and aware of those around her. She prides herself in her judgment of character and her own self knowledge. When Elizabeth first meets Darcy she believes him proud and conceited and as a result of his prideful refusal to dance with her, is prejudice against him. She holds the separation of Bingley and Jane and his lack of support towards Wickham against Darcy, but when she learns of his noble motives she is ashamed and humbled. Elizabeth says, “Pleased with the preference of one, and offended by the neglect of the other, on the very beginning of our acquaintance, I have courted prepossession and ignorance, and driven reason away, where either were concerned. Till this moment, I never knew myself.”(Austen 188). Elizabeth states that she has been incorrect in her judgments and first impressions, because of her partiality towards Wickham and realizes Darcy's honesty and kindness. Through her mistake she learns more about herself leading to humility and later to a greater compassion for others and a love for Darcy. Lydia is lured into all the vanities of life as a young lady in the upper class. She is flirtatious and looks for the attention of the officers and her immature behavior is encouraged by her mother. Lydia is idle, uncontrolled, and she never listens to anyone because she is so absorbed in herself. Lydia can only become worse unless she suddenly comes to her senses. Change is only possible for her if she begins to reflect on her actions, for through this she could grow in humility and put others before herself. There are many circumstances in her life, including her parents bad marriage and her own decision to marry Wickham, which could lead her to greater self knowledge if she had thought about them. Had she noticed her parents marriage founded on first impressions she could have avoided the disgraceful elopement and marriage with Wickham which was a degradation of her parents marriage. Time spent in reflection and experience is necessary for an increase in self knowledge. With humility one recognizes their need for change and makes the effort to change for the better. People constantly learn more about themselves as they go through life. Elizabeth tells Darcy,