Pride And Prejudice Mise En Scene Analysis

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The film Bride And Prejudice is known as one of the most cliché films in modern cinema to date. However, deep beneath it's vibrant colours and it's fancy soundtrack is a message that involves many aspects of racial prejudice. The same goes for a fairly recent film directed by Theodore Melfi; Hidden Figures. Both films demonstrate ideas of racial prejudice and how their characters undergo the challenge of surpassing the racial prejudice in a hope to succeed and be happy. The directors of both films, use their scripts as well as many aspects of mise en scene and camera angles to display the differences in characters as they clash together throughout both films.

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Bride And Prejudice as well as Hidden Figures are both films
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There are many fantastic examples in both films of how props and lighting can set out a specific scene. An examples of this in Bride And Prejudice is at the 1:16:00 mark in which all main characters are situated at a table at one of William Darcys' hotels. The props show that the Darcy family is right at home and is in control whilst Lalita's family is a new territory. Most props are modern and rather expensive, as well as very westernised. The lighting in the scene is also very bright which makes it easy to point out the Darcy family which is wearing very dark and intimidating clothing. The mise en scene in the scene outlines that the Darcy family is far more superior to that of the Bakshi family.

At the 1:01:00 mark in Hidden Figures, another fantastic example of mise en scene shows up in the film. The scene involves Katherine Goble passionately expressing her hatred for 'coloured' restrooms to her male colleges. The lighting in the scene barely lights up her face covered in rain from the outside, whilst all of the desks that belong to her colleges are very brightly illuminated. The props signify that the setting is in very prestigious workplace. The white and the grey props stand out in contrast to Katherine's dark blue skirt, which symbolises that Katherine may be the odd one out in the
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The idea of racial prejudice is very well displayed through many different techniques of mise en scene, which can be easily analysed. Bride and Prejudice presents a message that involves racial prejudice between rich western society and middle-class Indian society, which more often than not, will clash together creating conflict. Hidden Figures is a well directed film, because of how it touches upon social issues such as racial prejudice and segregation in such as way that makes you feel for its characters. The directors excellently outlined how important it is to be respectful to your fellow human beings, instead of letting the colour of their skin wedge a culture gap between two different types of