Pride: High School Essay

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Walking in White
“Life is the most exciting opportunity you have. But you only have one shot. You graduate from high school once, and that's it. You're going out of that nest. And you have to find that courage that's deep, deep, deep in there every step of the way,” (Andrew Shue). This quote portrays me and my aspects in the most precise sense. Life is my opportunity to show what I am capable of achieving, and in just two months, I will be graduating from high school.
That being said, I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine in just four years.
With four years, I was able to tackle down obstacles and achieve beyond the limits that were in my way. I was diagnosed with an incurable but highly contagious virus during my junior year in high school and it changed everything. From home­school to Independence High School and back to regular schooling, I’ve been through it all in just one year, because I couldn’t accept failing my life profound goals. Despite the hardships and the change in schooling that affected my chances of receiving my white gown, I still managed to keep it within my grasp, I kept my promise and never gave up. With my outstanding grades, and determination, my goal of walking in white was achieved.
Overall, many people may not understand the importance of this accomplishment, but to me it has proved everything. It has proved to my parents that I wasn’t like everyone else, and that
I am capable of achieving the things I say,