Pride and Prejudice Research Paper

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Reasons for Marriage
Jane Austen published one of her most famous works, Pride and Prejudice, in 1813 and it addresses many issues that are still around today. Jane Austen would often put many of her own personal qualities in some of her created characters. One such character is Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is the second out of five siblings, who are all women. Elizabeth is witty, intelligent, loves to read, and believes in marrying for love, just as Jane Austen had. Elizabeth is also very stubborn and critical with people, which gets her into some predicaments in the story. The society that Elizabeth lived in is much different from today of course, but the issues are still the same. This book
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He never mentions that he is marrying Elizabeth because of her qualities; he is just trying to find a wife no matter who it is. Mr. Collins is basically says that his reasons for marrying are because Lady de Bourgh told him to do so. He is trying to move up the social latter and become a high ranking member of society by pleasing Lady de Bourgh. Mr. Collins proposal is definitely the worst proposal in the book.
Finally, the best and only reason for anybody to marry is love. Through reading this book and life experience, it is easy to say that love is not easily found. It is noticeable that many of the couples previously discussed that married for the wrong reasons seem to not know their spouses very well. They do not take the time to get to know each other before they get married. The relationships between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, and Mr. Bingley and Jane were so successful because they are the rare few couples that actually converse on a regular basis. They actually got to know one another before they got married. The marriages between Mr. Bingley and Jane, and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are nothing but true and are the most important marriages in the book. Both couples are madly in love with one another, and this is the type of marriage that should be longed for.
Mr. Bingley and Jane are the first relationship to appear in the novel. Jane was one of the most beautiful women in town and Bingley was one of the