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God was really a figure that everyone looked to. Many people probably were not worshiping other gods in the olden days because: But if our hearts shall turn away so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced and worship other Gods our pleasures, and profits, and serve them, it is propounded unto us this day, we shall surely perish out of the good Land whether we pass over this vast Sea to possess it (City upon a hill). It was also pointed out to me in On the Mayflower when they were saying: “What could now sustain them but the Spirit of God and His grace.” In the readings they mainly stressed that no matter what you were doing if you had faith in The Holy Father you would make it out of many situations. Their beliefs were pretty outgoing such as how they believed just through faith you could receive everything you needed or wanted in this world. They most of the time would wait for god to send them things like when they claimed god gave them Squanto in the sentence: but Squanto continued with them and was their interpreter and was a special instrument sent of God for their good beyond their expectation (treaty with the Indians). Squanto could have had his own reasons for staying with the Englishmen longer like he wanted to see the country. They both didn’t even believe in the same higher beings in the first place that should have been enough of an indication that he was not an instrument sent by god to aid them. If god was going was going send some godly tool to help wouldn’t it someone or something with the same beliefs as you yourself.
The Englishmen looked down on the natives: a certain Indian came boldly amongst them and spoke to them in broken English, which they could well understand but marveled at it (Treaty with the Indians). The Indians did steal weapons and tools so I could see the Englishmen way of thinking of seeing them as only a barbaric people and the need for them to take precautionary actions against their things getting stolen by the Indians. I can feel why they would have thought that Squanto was a god sent gift because he came at a good time when they were seeking to build a relation with the Indians and as they were searching the land here. Squanto could show them around the land and he was also native which added to his usefulness. When the governor decided that it was an every man for himself scenario because of everyone trying decided what to grow besides corn that interested me. To think that the governor would just bring out something like that even though it worked and more corn was planted and grew but women and their children had to go out there and slave planting seeds for the corn. Many of the men wives had to do labor such as: dressing their meat, washing their clothes, etc. (private and communal farming) and viewed that as slavery to some degree. It surprised me slaves had it much worse than just dressing meat and washing clothes the slaves would probably be happier because at least their family would own land to do with as you please.
Documents such as these are always interesting to read because they give us a little peak into the daily lives of our ancestors. They can teach us about the actions what should not be repeated over again. We understand treaties better like the treaty…