Prince and Black Forest Essay

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Peaceful was the time in the kingdom before the demonic invasions of the evildoer Malsin. In the kingdom of Osmond the Great and his queen Hilda the Generous. Times had never been more turbulent then those under the oppression of Malsin. Then one day Osmond and his queen were brutally murdered before their own people and as according to ancient law Malsin was now the ruler of the kingdom Xperia. Malsin now ruled over the kingdom which rightfully belonged the son of the king and queen, Elfgar whose very existence was unknown by Malsin.
Elfgar was sent away by his parents before the invasion of the kingdom, this was their way of protecting the young prince. Elfgar was now in the hands of a warrior clan known as the Javy. Elfgar, unaware of his parent’s death was now trained by the Javy people to become the next great warrior of the century. Elfgar was a strong warrior one of the best in the camp. He was presented the shield of honor awarded to the bravest and strongest warrior of them all.
Eight years had now passed; Elfgar was now sixteen years of age and longed for the warmth of his mother’s hugs and the firm grip of his dad’s handshake. Elfgar now qualified as a lone ranger meaning he could now leave the clan and return to his home as he packed his belongings he spoke to his friend Wingard “Wingard” he said “do you think we will be welcomed back in to our kingdom do you think we will fit in?” Sighing Wingard responds “we are going back home to the place we were raised and cared for.”
The journey back to the kingdom of Xperia was a treacherous one passing through the Black forest and over the Devils paw. The whole clan escorted the two long time mates Elfgar and Wingard to the edge of the Black forest spurring the start of their journey. Inside the Black forest they would face many challenges. Hours in to their journey Elfgar noticed that Wingard was nowhere in sight and in the distance he could hear the screams of his faithful friend calling his name. Elfgar raced off in pursuit in time he met his foe a big troll who had taken Wingard to eat as his supper. Elfgar brandished his sword to face the troll he charged the troll but the troll was quicker than he looked dodging the first attack clotheslining young Elfgar to the ground inning him there. Elfgar laid there far from his reach but then he suddenly remembered the small dagger in his belt which he quickly and skillfully put through the trolls head ending his life right then and there. Wingard now joked “if you’re done being humiliated by the troll can you untie me” “maybe I should just leave you tied up so you won’t get lost again” replied Elfgar.
After a day’s journey they had reached the other end of the cursed forest and were only hours away from the devils paw. The sight were it was said that the devil himself lives on his trips to earth, but the friends passed through without any big event apart for sitting to eat and rest they were barely in the accursed place.
They now were in sight of a small village where they planned to rest for a night or two. Upon reaching the village they were graciously welcomed and were presented with large platters of food on which they feasted on till the late hours of the night when the village story teller told them the gruesome story of the Xperia takeover. Right away Elfgar was alarmed stating that he was prince of Xperia alarming the surrounding villagers as one of them rose and spoke and says “oh noble prince I am not worthy to be telling you this information but your kingdom has been taken over by a trained mercenary Malsin” in shock Elfgar asked “what about my parents” “they’ve been dead for eight years” replied the villager. Enraged Elfgar stormed out of the village with Wingard in tow. “What is the plan” asked Wingard. The plan is to storm into Xperia and avenge my parent’s unnecessary deaths.
Without a plan in their heads the two friends charged to their old home to take back what rightfully belonged to Elfgar, The