How Could The Misunderstanding Have Been Avoided?

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Who was the sender? Who was the receiver? What was the message? What channel was used to send the message? What was the misunderstanding that occurred? How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? The sender was the receptionist at the front desk and the receiver was me. The receptionist was notified by one of the clients explaining their situation of being able to arrive at a later time then the appointment they were scheduled. The channel used to send the message was via telephone and also face to face conversation. The misunderstanding that occurred was that the receptionist allowed the client to come in at a later time but however forgot to get an approximate time of when they would arrive due to multitasking during the phone call. Then informed me thirty minutes after their appointment that she forgot to tell me and find out their estimated time of arrival. Her assumption was that the client would be arriving a few minutes late. The misunderstanding could have been avoided if she had detailed information from the client and notified me immediately after the call. This way she is able to also notify the rest of my clients to come in later so they would not have to wait. Due to another appointment I had after theirs, I ran behind because they ended up showing up at the same time.

The sender was I and the receiver was my assistant. I had instructed my assistant with the next steps in order to get my next client started by greeting them, checking them in, getting them properly drape and the color formulation to be mixed and applied. The channel of the message was face to face.