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The Royal Princess
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The Royal Princess
Lady Diana Mountbatten- Windson was an amazing Princess taken too early in life. Lady Diana was adored by not only the British people, but by the people of all cultures around the world. She has the keen ability to balance a royal schedule as well as influencing the world’s people to care for one another. Although her life was taken in 1997 due to a horrific car accident, she left a remarkable legacy to be followed by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Henry. Princess Diana made a great impact on her country and the world through her maternal attributes, regal influence, and humanitarian efforts.
Princess Diana inspired other women to live up to their full potential as a mother. The love she had for all children was remarkable. People viewed Diana like she was a worldwide mother. Most could see the love she had for children through her social works and her own personal life. She placed a lot of value and time into having a family and showing others how to be a family, also showing others how to play a good family role. Motherhood is a large part of a woman’s life and who they are. Princess Diana gave a great example of motherhood and also showed the importance of being the kind of women many strived to be. As a mother herself, Lady Diana loved her children and always went out of her way so her own children could reach her own potential. She quoted: “I will fight for my children on any lever so they can reach their potential as human beings and their public duties..” –Princess Diana
Diana was a positive influence on a lot of people. She had a kind heart and always helped those in need and the less fortunate. She used her royal status and popularity as an advantage to help others and reach out to do great things in the world. Regardless of the fact she was a very busy women, she always made the effort to help others before herself.. Princess Diana was involved in a lot of charity work and fund raising. For example Lady Di was involved with children with illnesses including those with AIDS and she was also involved with protecting people working in land Mines. The most popular work done by Lady Diana was the support of the British Red Cress anti-landmine campaign. Lady Diana was the president of over 100 charities (Greene). As you can see, the princess brought attention to landmines and children around the world and those suffering from HIV or that have developed AIDS (Kovacevic, 2009) Before the Princesses tragic death in 1997, she was one of the most well-known people in the world. Her humanitarian work was one of her greatest achievements. (CNN) Still today, in memory of Lady Diana, some of the charities are still going with her brother Spencer taking them over. The humanitarian work done by Princess Diana also included all of her charity and support groups she made for those in need. She always offered