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Princess Jasmine is notorious for rejecting suitors throughout her land. Her father attempts continually to marry someone of a worthy and noble lifestyle. She however, is extremely fed up with her sheltered life and opposes. She only wished to fall in love with someone for who they are, not what they own. She is extremely unhappy with her home life and continues to run away from home, in search of something more to life. After all, she knows that there has to be something more.
Princess Jasmine only wants to escape the pressures of the palace life. She finds comfort in a man by the name of Aladdin, whom practically saves her arm. She believes that his life is much more curious in comparison to hers, but only ends up seeing him getting arrested. Jasmine believes that he is dead after hearing of his execution. It is then that another suitor comes around and manages to only make her fall in love.
His name is Prince Ali-Ababwa. It had only taken her a few moments to realize that it was Aladdin all along, which only caused her a deal of confusion. He didn’t seem to understand the mentality that she had. It wasn’t too long before the two faced a deal of hardships in the form of an evil man named Jafar. He ended up kidnapping Princess Jasmine and forcing her into being his slave.
Jasmine decides to try to take manners into her own hands once she realizes the possibility that Aladdin may be able to save her. She uses her seductive skills in order to distract Jafar and tries to steal a magically lamp in order to restore her father’s kingdom. Once the duo managed to defeat Jafar, Aladdin had purposed to her. She didn’t hesitate in replying with a yes. She had found her best friend as well as her lover. The news of the wedding traveled across the kingdom. It caused plenty of confusion, due to her being a royal and him only a common man.
The curse had prevented Jasmine from marrying Aladdin. It also had taken everything away that she had cherished as her memory being completely wiped. In Storybrooke, her father was no longer the loving man that had cared for her. He treated her harshly, only speaking of insults and threats. She had no love for the man that treated her so bitterly. She could only wish to escape this town, escape the abuse, but found it was only a dream.
She was unable to escape the wrath of her father.…