Princess Mononoke Environmental Issues

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Environmental problems has become more attentive to modern society. Events such as pollution have made negative impacts on the environment. However, Princess Mononoke is able to show why man should respect nature and the supplies it brings. In Princess Mononoke, the movie motivates humans respect towards nature by giving nature human attributes. For example, when the gorillas were in the forest, they told the wolves that they wanted to go to war against the humans. This is because humans was destroying the forest. Therefore, the gorillas believed that the humans were not intelligent because of the damage they created upon the environment. This demonstrates how humans damaging the environment can impact the beauty of the environment. Princess Mononoke demonstrates how humans should care for the resources the environment provides. Miyazaki states, “I think it better to think of environmental problems in view of ‘courtesy”. When Miyazaki said this, he was defining that humans should take care of the supplies the forest provides.These resources include water, air,etc. If humans respect the environment, the environment will aid us. …show more content…
The villages believe that the forest is harmful. In addition, they consider the forest as not being smart.
Therefore, they only use them to take advantage of their vital supplies. However, the forest believes that they are stronger than the humans. Environmental problems are common today society. With many deconstructive acts, nature has been abused for its resources. Though,in Princess Mononoke, various techniques has been created to fix these environmental issues. It taught humans that they should respect the environment's resources to make nature