Essay on Principal Implementing Restructuring

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Rules and Procedures for the Debate of Case Study:
A Principal Implements a Restructuring Program
November 30, 2011

Participants in the debate should prepare for the debate by becoming familiar with the case study in advance and by conducting research on their leadership style in the context of the issues presented by the case study. In the process of preparation for the debate, participants should have at least three reference materials that they may refer to during the course of the debate; one of which can be the class textbook.
The debate will consist of four teams with three team members each and a moderator. Each team will make an opening statement outlining their position. Each team member will have an opportunity to make at least one rebuttal statement or a point of interest (a request that the speaker holding the floor yield to an opponent for a statement or question). In addition, each team will have an opportunity to deliver a closing statement. During the course of the debate, debaters should present reason and solid evidence to support their given position that is explicit and clear. The moderator will direct the debate, designate who has the floor, and ensure that the rules are followed.

Participants are expected to act with personal and intellectual integrity. Arguments, not people should be attacked. Name calling, stereotyping, and harassment are strictly prohibited. Participants will be expected to adhere to the following rules:
Raise your hand to speak and wait to be acknowledged by the moderator.
Refrain from interrupting or whispering while a debater is speaking.
Adhere to the specified time limits
Opening Statement One member from each group representing a specific leadership style will present an opening statement outlining how their group sees the issues presented by the case study given their leadership style. In addition, the opening statement will include a statement about how the group would resolve the issues. The opening statement is not to exceed five minutes in length.
Each team member will have at least one opportunity to present a rebuttal statement. Rebuttal statements are not to exceed 3 minutes. Participant rebuttal statements may