Principal Ismul Case Study: Hopkins Elementary School

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After examining the schools in Jayhawkvlle South, Hopkins Elementary School caught my attention. Hopkins elementary is a high performing school, and has a great preschool program, with an empathetic staff, but there’s a clear divide between the principal and the leadership staff. For instance, members of his leadership staff are seeking to transfer out of the school. It was noted that principal Ismul is very religious, and will often showcase his religion during staff meetings and interactions with the community. He is also known to press the issue of daily prayer as being a benefit to the students at the school. I personally gathered that the principal maneuvers on an autocratic/conventional approach to Leadership with the staff. Although …show more content…
According to module four, communication is the lifeblood of the organization that builds relationships with all stakeholders. With regards to encoding and the decoding messages, I would assume that the communication network that is being used is based on the chain network. Clearly Principal Ismul communicates through power, which will definitely make the staff reluctant to reach out. I also want to point out the fact that principal Ismul is using his platform as a means to express his religious beliefs which showcases culturally insensitivity to those that have cultural, gender, and status differences. According to Module four slides, an effective leader takes cultural, and local differences into account when communicating. The slides also stated that its important to make sure that your communication styles aligns with the audience. For instance, speaking about religions during a meeting about test scores could sway the receiver’s perception of not only the leader, but the objective of the meeting. A leader faces the possibility of offending not only parents, but teachers, and other community