Principle of Islamic Finance Essay

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winter 1998-1999

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Principles of Islamic Finance
Consider for a moment about operating and practicing law in a jurisdiction and under a financial system where there is no separation between church and state. Most if not all of us operate in a western oriented system where the banking and financial systems operate laissez-faire, with minimal government interference and certainly little if any religious interference or control.
Certainly, many of us who are Americans take for granted the notion of separation of church and state. Not so with regard to the subject of this paper - Islamic based financing. Like many of you, I operate in a law firm that concentrates in financial service matters. At Tannenbaum
Helpern, we represent numerous hedge funds, insurance companies, banks, fund sponsors, investment advisors. And the list goes on. A segment of the practice is related to funds which are designed for sale into the Islamic regions of the world, for consumption by investors who strictly follow the tenets of Islam, and the teachings of the Koran.
In this area, there is no separation of church and state – the financial system is very much controlled by and operated in accordance with Islamic principles of finance, not western principles of finance. And this means the hedge funds and deals in
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Rules of the Game . . 2 within the strict teaching of
Prohibited Transactions . 2
Islamic religious principles, in
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Dividend Cleansing . . 3
Ijara Leases . . . . 4
Shari’ah, meaning “the way.”
Western Leases . . .
Murabaha . . . . . 4
Profit Sharing . . . . .6

So, this paper is necessarily a discussion that is more grounded in

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To Our Clients and Friends:
There are several regions of the world that require specific knowlege in designing investment products. The U.S., for example, certainly has all sorts of regulations with which to comply, as does each state. Foreign countries have their own rules as well.
One region that holds particular challenge is the Islamic regions, namely the Middle Eastern countries and Southeast Asia. In these areas the religious rules govern the others. In designing investment products, therefore, it is essential to have an understanding of the basic principles of Islamic finance. We hope you enjoy this special focus report GlobalNote. which is devoted entirely to those basic principles. Please call for further information about how this topic might apply to you. We can assist in developing investment products for this region.
Michael G. Tannenbaum

GlobalNote special report

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