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Hileri Keizer 11/24/14 EDUC – 479 What’s all the Taboo about?

The art of teaching has become a profession where others who are outsiders to what actually go on as a teacher. Day to day teachers are now battling what needs to be taught for the students to pass standardized tests and Common Core curriculum and their hidden curriculum that teachers want to teacher to their students. It is the struggle teachers have to be able to be balance being true to the students and themselves. For teachers to be able to branch out of these traditional teaching taboos they are have to be further their thinking and the actions they need to take. Ayers says, “ Teaching the taboo involves seeing students as whole human beings with hearts and minds, bodies and spirits that must somehow be taken into account. We must find our way beyond half-language of labels,” (p. 115). I completely agree with this idea. My teaching philosophy has developed over this past semester I have come to a conclusion that my relationships with my students is on my top priorities when I start my teaching. From our other readings and this one when have seen that having positive relationships has a positive correlation to the students performance in the classroom. Being able create that atmosphere will lead into you as the teacher integrate teaching the taboo because you will have an understanding of where a student is coming from and not seeing them as