Principles Followed by Thera Trust to Deal with a Complaint Essay

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2.5 Review the procedures that have been developed against requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance?
Stage 1:
• Thera staff or managers will listen to your complaint.
• Agree with you how to make things better if they can.
• Your complaint will be written down on a form and signed.
• Within 3 working days you will be told who is looking into your complaint.
• Within 28 working days you will be told what has been done about your complaint.
Stage 2:
If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been dealt with you can let your Service Quality Director know.
Staff Guidance on Responding to a Complaint
When someone makes a complaint:
Be open and listen to the complaint offering the person reassurance
Talk to them about how it can be sorted out
What ideas have they got?
Can something be done at once?
If the issue is support related, has it been discussed as part of person centred planning?
Fill out the complaints form with the person and write down the action you have agreed
Keep within the timescales of this procedure
Keep the person fully informed about the progress of the complaint.
Remain professional in your day to day work and contact with the complainant
Seek support and guidance as needed

REF =Thera Trusts Complaints policy.
With regards to Thera’s complaints, suggestions and compliments procedures these are regularly reviewed and analysed for quality assurance purposes. Employees who are the subject of a complaint should not communicate directly with the complainant unless accompanied by a senior member of staff or requested directly to do so by the complainant. Where the complaint gives rise to concerns regarding the wellbeing of one or more of our service users serious consideration must be given to suspension of the person or persons who the complaint is directed at, an investigation must be initiated immediately in order to identify any risk to the health and welfare of the individual involved.
3.1Promote person centred approaches when addressing concerns or complaints?
A person centred approach encourages an exploration of what is working and not working for the people we support, too often complaint management approaches focus exclusively on what is not working, rather than seeking to identify what is working. Thera promote a person centred approach by enabling the individual and their parents and carers to complete a simple…