Principles Of HCI Essay

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Principles of HCI

The laws of

Law of closure
• The law of closure makes our minds perceive objects differently such as shapes, letters and pictures. Parts of the object is usually missing but our perception fills in all of the visual gaps making us see a full object, instead of just a sequence shapes, for example the first picture below we see a box shape even though there is not one there is actually just circles with sections cut out.

Law of similarity

The law of similarity shows us that objects within an assortment of objects are usually grouped together in our minds if the objects are similar to each other. This similarity can occur in different forms e.g. shapes, colours, shading or other qualities. We usually perceive that the dark and light colours are grouped together as shown below.

Law of Proximity

The law of proximity states that we perceives objects that are close to each other as forming a group. This law is often used in advertising and companies logos to emphasize aspects that are associated with the the Adidas logo it is made up of three separate shapes that make a triangular effect.

Guiard’s model of bimanual skill
Guiard’s model of bimanual skill is a example of a Descriptive model.
This identifies and examines the roles and actions of the dominant and the non dominant hand. It basically says that both hands work differently when undertaking different tasks. All HCI is designed so we can use it easily for both left and right