Principles Of Human Resources Final Paper

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Principles of Human Resources
SBNM 5030-B12
Prof. Aronson

Employee Recruiting and Networking Online Trend
Final Paper

By Jose-Jose Palma
North Park University


This paper will cover how current Human Resources trends, in particularly Employee
Recruiting and Networking Online has impacted the workforce and the way talent is sought out from different avenues of applicant pools.

Organization Overview
Northwestern University, located in Evanston Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, uses innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment. The University provides students and faculty exceptional opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth. Due to its location in a diverse community, it is essential to achieve the mission of creating the best possible learning environment and educational experience. By doing this students can explore issues with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints that can challenge our assumptions, test our ideas and broaden our understanding of the world.

Evanston, Illinois is a campus unlike any other of those that I have worked for and visited. The campus is spread out throughout this small suburban town just north of Chicago and feels very cozy. The lake brings it closer to having a relaxing inviting vibe and with the Chicago skyline in view, it truly encompasses what Northwestern University is all about. NUDAR stands for Northwestern University Department of Athletics and Recreation and in in charge of the entire Athletics spectrum for the University and its Student-Athletes and non-athletes.

Northwestern prides itself on its Academics and diverse way of thinking and looking at new angles from different perspectives. This is true from its hiring practices and the people who work throughout the whole campus as professors, faculty, staff, athletic directors to position coaches and support staff. This has truly allowed for Northwestern to encompass all in intends to achieve in reaching out to those intrigued by a higher education and the rigorous demands of high standards.
Mission Statement “Northwestern University is committed to providing a multi-sport intercollegiate athletic experience for both male and female student-athletes. Northwestern is committed to assuring that women and minorities will be afforded the opportunities given to all staff and student-athletes. Just as Northwestern strives for excellence academically, it will also reach for excellence in the Big Ten Conference and at the national level through NCAA Division I championships (NUDAR Employee Manual 2011)”.

Northwestern like any other school with competitive standards in a highly competitive conference understands that without its backbone for what it strives to do as an organization; its vision will always be incomplete. The main vison at Northwestern for the past couple of years has been ever evolving. Not only with facilities and recruiting but mainly the ideals gained from other organizations. The success of the athletic program is not only measured by competitive standings but also by the academic achievement of student-athletes. All student-athletes are expected to meet entrance and academic standards set by the NCAA, the Big Ten Conference and the Northwestern University. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to earn a degree, enter their chosen career field and have a positive impact on the lives of those they associate with on a personal and professional level. With this mission statement in place, it is only fitting that the school surround itself with employees who fit the same model they are looking for and stay in tune with their motto. Northwestern has achieved this goal and more in several different ways.

Human Resources New Hire Recruitment Just this past January, Northwestern University has lead a charge that has resulted in the hiring of new prominent employees