Principles Of Management Research Paper

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Principles of management APPLIED RESEARCH
(388 equipment maintenance squadron)

Michelle Hall

Juan Ortiz
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A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Principle of Management
Park University
April, 2006



International Business X

Legal, Ethical, and Social Responsibilities X

General Planning & Strategic Planning X

Operating Management and Plans X

Organization Work and Structure X Work Team Utilization X

Staffing X Employee and Manager Development X

Motivating Employees X

Leading X Managing Conflict and Stress X

Managing Change X Controlling X

Appraising and Rewarding X

Operations Control X


388th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
“Mighty Griffins”

The 388th Equipment Maintenance Squadron is one of the most competitive, hardest working, and talked about organizations on Hill, AFB. Our squadron has a very diverse work background as well as a group highly motivated members who excel in all aspects of mission accomplishment, which is why we are the “Mighty Griffins.” A Griffin, which is an extremely powerful, intelligent beast that resembles a mix between a dragon and a lion, is our squadron mascot. I will discuss how my organization apply management skills such as international business, legal ethical and social responsibilities, general planning and strategic planning, operations management and plans, organizing work and structure, work team utilization, staffing, employee and manager development, motivating employees, leading, managing change, managing conflict and stress, controlling, appraising and rewards, and operations control and once you have finished reading this paper you will know why we are the “Mighty Griffins.” The 388th Equipment Maintenance Squadron may not engage in international trade but they deploy internationally on a regular basis. Shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers the fighter wing stood-up on alert and remained on call until deploying to South West Asia. The wing continued its dominance into the 21st century by avidly and diligently deploying its personnel on a continuous loop of AEF deployments. We also do combined and joint exercises with friendly forces.

The secret to accomplishing the mission is to maintain discipline in our everyday conduct, on and off duty. The commander is pretty clear in communicating his expectations on his standards when it comes to ethics. My commander’s policy regarding legal, ethical and social standards are clearly communicated to all personnel. I have no tolerance for the following: discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin or gender; sexual harassment, drug or alcohol abuse, fraternization, disregard for security, safety or the environment, fraud, waste, and/or abuse of government resources, insubordination, and assault, child abuse or spouse abuse (Judge). As commander, I want every member of the 388 EMS to understand that equal opportunity and treatment are basic rights of each and every person employed by the Department of Defense (Judge). All personnel receive annual briefings and are required to complete computer-based training on these issues as well. Supervisors counsel their troops on ethics and the air force core values and ensure that unethical behavior does not happen in the work place.

Our general and strategic planning normally takes place at the command and wing level and then communicated down to the squadron. Once the squadron commander receives his briefing then he holds a commander’s call,