Principles Of Marketing Management

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MODULE: MKT3017 Principles of Marketing Management 2014-2015

Module Code
Credit Value
MKT 3017-STD-1415
Gil Ogilvie-Johns

Assignment Brief – PJ1 Assignment title:
"Project Report” – PJ1 Assignment weighting:
60% of module grade

Date set:
WC 29 September 2014

Hand-in date:
24th April 2015

Macro: pest analysis
Micro: market overview, customers, competitors
Internal analysis: HR, systems, financial, marketing effectiveness (AQG)
Strong: gerber UK, products- low naturally sugar, new product development
Weakness: consumer perception of price, slow to innovation in the past ->competitive analysis,
Opportunity: new
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At the same time a buyout offer was presented by Coca-Cola. The farmers voted to reject Coca-Cola’s offer, choosing instead to support Berrie’s vision of a more focused Atlantic Quench that would stay independent. The business plan proposed by Berrie was to retain the successful aspects of the old Atlantic Quench, such as the juice making and innovative new-product efforts, whilst handling over the logistics.
By actively seeking the views of the farmers, Berrie has managed to improve the profitability of the co-operative and also win back their trust.
Strategic Alliances
In 2007, Atlantic Quench and Coca-Cola implemented a long-term strategic alliance in which Coca-Cola North America markets, bottles and distributes single-serve cranberry juice products in the U.S. and Canada under the Atlantic Quench name. The agreement also includes opportunities for the development of the new product innovations across multiple trade channels in the future.

The strategic alliance was viewed as a positive move by both organisations. ‘This is a chance for both Coca-Cola and Atlantic Quench to turn up the dialogue on the health benefits of cranberries,’ said Mary Moore, president and CEO, Coca-Cola North America. ‘Over the past several years, we have built successful, mutually beneficial partnerships with strong brands like Robertsons and Costa, and now we plan to work side-by-side with Atlantic Quench to create a major healthy refreshment business focused on cranberries.